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08:22pm 22/11/2004
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12:07am 30/05/2004
  so the year's almost over. goodbye seniors !! hello incoming sophemores :D. Yaahoo :DD  
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10:30pm 14/05/2004
  Lets beat the shit out of Tennis' hoebag. Anyone care to join?

We won our game against Mount Miguel. First time we've beat them in 3 years. Oh how exciting :) Not much to chat about so I'll leave it here.

To Chris: "jk"
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06:46pm 12/05/2004
  lunch was cool! it was 15 minutes longer but the only bad tihng is that the teachers got good food and we didnt.

do you know the wrestler kyle? well he supposed to fight this one kid. it looks like a good fight.
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03:14pm 05/05/2004
  what is up with all these mexcans wearing thoes mexican flags....i know today was cinco de mayo but like thats not that day they got there Independence, it was the day were they had a battle that gained there indepenedence. September 16 is were they fully had independence from france adn thats not what had me all bugged, tehy only wore it because they are like that will be cool and people will think im cool/  
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03:33pm 02/05/2004
  Hey all you fellow Monarchs. I'm pretty surprised someone made this community because from what I hear, "MONTE VISTA SUCKS ASS!!" Oh well. I think MV actually kicks ass because of all my beloved homie g's that help keep me together. ANYWHO, one thing about this school that I love are the HOT PAPAS. These include College Dude, Tennis Guy, Model Guy and etc. They are just too much. Thank you! Buh bye!  
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09:16pm 30/04/2004
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I just made this shizatz all spiff so love it and love me.

And go see Grease tomorrow, next wed-sat, and next thurs and fri....

tickets are $7 at the door and $5 in advance....

also check out my journal cuz it's cool...

love ya
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09:59pm 29/04/2004
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well as you can tell by now this is runned by a monte vistien and thought i should make a communites for all the fans. i still working on getting it looking good and for peoeple to join. if you want to join ill work on getting you joined in, so dont get mad. thanks.
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08:58pm 29/04/2004
  yeah the monte vista communite is set up so JOIN IT! ur all invited people so join.  
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